Answers to Questions about Acorn Stairlifts
Acorn Stairlift Brooks Model
  1. Weight capacity: 294 lbs
  2. Required width of stair case: 34 inches (nothing mounted to the wall). The unit rides on a track which is screwed to the steps, with a maximum of 4 brackets used. When unit is folded up there is ample room to walk by the unit.
  3. Electrical outlet is required within 20 feet of the top or bottom of the stairs.
  4. Seat turns at the top of the stairs so departure is at the top landing and seat blocks the stairs.
  5. No insurance covers stair-lifts, however, with a prescription from a doctor stating “Stair-Lift," there will be no tax.
  6. Unit runs on 2-batteries. If there is a power outage the unit will still operate. Approximate life of the batteries are 3 years.
  7. One last feature of the Acorn Stair-Lift is; it is one of the only lifts on the market that you can stand on while using, if you choose to.

If a door, hallway or walkway exists at the bottom of the stairs, the track extends 16 inches from the last step (Unit protruding 26 inches from the last step) which could be a problem. There is a hinged rail option which would allow you to flip the rail up after use to open up the walkway. This option is an additional cost. Another option is to stop the track at the last step, but, by doing this, the height of the seat would be 28 inches vs. 22 inches if the rail went all the way to the floor.

If a door exists at the top of the stairs, this also could be a problem. The track extends 6 inches beyond the top step, which give the seat height 20 inches. If the track has to be cut shorter it will make the height of the seat lower. At the time of evaluation of stairs, specifics would be determined and advised to client. An evaluation is free of charge.